Excursion to Tanunda Kindergarten on Wednesday 6th November

9.30am til 11.00am at Tanunda Kindergarten, MacDonnell St, Tanunda 5352

Members are meeting up at Tanunda Kindergarten to let the children play!! Playgroup will run like a normal playgroup session, however we will have the Kindergarten’s facilities all to ourselves!.. We’re just a tad EXCITED!!

This is a great opportunity to find out more about Tanunda Kindy and familiarise yourself and child/children with this wonderful place.

We really enjoyed our visit last term and are truly grateful for this opportunity..
See you there!

Please bring:

-A piece of fruit or similar healthy option, to share for morning tea. This is a Nut Free Environment.
– $2 contribution

Playgroup and sick kids don’t mix! With large groups involving 
children and the winter weather, comes the increase in the risk of 
either passing on or contracting common illnesses. If your child 
shows signs of illness (heavy green/brown snot, vomitting, 
diarrhoea, nasty cough, chicken pox etc) or head lice, we do need 
to ask that you do not attend Playgroup during that time. 
Amongst the families attending we may have people with 
compromised immune systems, for whom avoiding bronchitis 
or gastro is very important. We may also have pregnant mothers 
or mothers with newborns attending, and illness for either of 
these groups can be quite devastating.


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