General Information:

Barossa Children’s Playgroup is held at Langmeil Church in the playground or the hall, at parks, and sometimes excursions throughout the year.
In a playgroup, parents and carers stay and play with their children and also help them to play with other children.
The intent of our Playgroup is to create a safe, respectful and nurturing environment for children to interact with their world and others, experience new things, and make friends.
The Barossa Children’s Playgroup also provides opportunities for parents to give and receive inspiration, support, and friendship and exchange ideas with other families and share their parenting journeys.
We strive to create an environment where all children and adults can feel respected, accepted and nurtured.
The Playgroup activities are simple and broad and are influenced by the interests of members (both adults and children).
The activities often encompass aspects of seasonal change, healthy living, and our environment.

General Playgroup Guidelines:

Cost: Playgroup attendance will be a $2 donation, to cover costs of any materials for the playgroup activities.
Hosting: If you have a skill/activity/interest to share with the group, please contact Rowena Sloane ph: 0450 167 181
 or email us at barossachildrensplaygroup@gmail.com
Morning tea: please bring something healthy to share for morning tea such as fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, etc. This is a nut-free environment.
Parents can put in their order for drinks from local cafe & patisserie Nosh each Tuesday by 9.40am


Playgroup and sick kids don’t mix! With large groups involving children and cooler weather on the horizon, comes the increase in the risk of either passing on or contracting communicable illnesses. 
If your child show signs of illness (heavy green/brown snot, vomitting, diarrhoea, nasty cough, chicken pox etc) or head lice, we do need to ask that you do not attend Playgroup during that time. 
Amongst the families attending we may have people with compromised immune systems, for whom avoiding bronchilitis or gastro is very important. We may also have pregnant mothers or mothers with newborns attending, and illness for either of these groups can be quite devastating.

Barossa Children’s Playgroup is Playgroup SA Affiliated

Playgroup SA supports our Playgroup in many ways, their comprehensive public liability cover and personal accident insurance whilst you and your children attend our Playgroup and it’s activities are very important. Membership Benefits for 2013 also include a Membership Card which is also an ABC card, copies of Totline Magazine, a subscription to ePlayNEWS, discounted entry to Playgroup SA events, discounted prices to courses including Accredited Senior First Aid and Child Safe Environments, discounted Playgroup SA workshops, FREE tickets to the Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo, FREE upgrade to Full Association Membership AND the ability to attend as many affiliated playgroups as you wish. Contact Rowena for more details or visit www.playgroupaustralia.com.au/sa


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